What Does a Lupus Flare Feel Like?

Someone just asked what a Lupus Flare feels like and I answered:


It Feels Pretty Damn Bad.


Here is what the tiny print says:

Imagine having the flu and then falling down a flight of stairs. Now imagine that the medicine you are taking to feel better makes your heart race, head ache and your emotions rage. Now imagine your doctor can’t help you and some people don’t believe you don’t feel well. Now add the responsibilities of life, the frustration of limitations on what you want to do and the guilt of having to have everyone in your life make concessions for you. Lupus is the worst..


What does it feel like for you? Post a comment or follow on Facebook and talk to me there!

3 thoughts on “What Does a Lupus Flare Feel Like?

  1. When I flare, I am exhausted beyond words and just the thought of moving hurts. I’m in my own little world because I am so foggy; everything moves in slow motion. I think the best way to describe it is the feeling you have the day after going to the gym and working out after not doing it for years. You’re soar, tired and miserable.

    • Oh NotJustTofu! You’re so right. The foggy slow motion makes everything even harder. I’m flaring now. Getting to the kitchen from the couch and remembering what I was going there for has been a challenge today!

  2. Thank you for your reply. Toook me awhile to get back. I asked cause I’m weaning off an increase of a seizure med that kicked off a flare I think. I was diagnosed with RA and in the gray line of Lupus. This Not a typical RA flare. It’s just as u described it! Crappy. Gotta wait for tomorrow to at least let someone know? My RA Dr.

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